Sunday, January 30, 2005

Garfield Sucks

Garfield sucks.. think about it, where were you when you came to that realization? I pity today's youngsters who weren't around to see John in the park, Garfield somewhere besides a frickin' table top, or even Odie. Those days are gone as is the Garfield that I will choose to remember. Jim Davis should have his cartooning liscence revoked due to fact that his work has no value of any kind. no creativity, humor, or art (anyone can learn to draw 8 panels of the same dang thing). It disturbs me that the over praised panels even take up the space in my funnies. The fact that it is there always makes me sucumb to the uncontrollable urge to read it in hopes that it will surprise me. But I am not surprised, and what's more, I am let down every week. That is not good for a person. Kurt Cobain said that it is better to burn out than fade away. Davis has been fading for a few years now. If he was a dog he would be dragging around on his butt because his legs don't work anymore. The only reason no one will take him out and shoot him is because his creation is so well known. Davis is rich because of the mere image of his cartoon, not the lack of content. I don't suggest that anyone try to shoot Jim Davis, that just went along with the analogy. Most people don't even shoot their own dogs these days anyway, they pay some guy to poison them. Don't poison the man either. Just do this: if you don't care for Garfield, tell someone, we'll start this revoloution the nonviolent MLK way.


Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Seriously - Garfield used to be funny, but no more...
Did you know Jim Davis doesn't even draw his own cartoons anymore? A whole bunch of artists who get no credit do it. Sad.

8:29 PM  

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