Wednesday, January 19, 2005

whats new pussycat?

hello, my name is wesley and hotdog, i just posted a brand new blog. this blog was created for my GSU comp. 1101 class, but i hope to maintain it as a personal interest. that's all for today. begone with you, go make the world a better place. and when you are out helping old people and birthing babies and leading campaigns against jaywalking, think of me and my blog.


Blogger jleigh said...

Wesley Huffmaster is the most unique and amazing people I have and prolly will ever meet! Since Wes has been in my life he always ALWAYS knows just what to do or say to make everything right. It could be a simple pat on the shoulder with a slight smile, a little flower stuck behind your ear or a special drawing just for u. Not only is wes an amazing drawer, friend and person in general he is the most talented artist all over. When Wesley plays his guitar u cant help but me comepletely focused on the music and singing! I Love Wesley so much! Every year at FFA camp wesley was the best buddy for everything! Im ganna miss all those fun summers with you! However just because we cant go to FFA camp together doesnt mean we cant go on like roadtrips or vacations and stuff! We can definately create some fun! Well I have to work on a speech but I will talk to you (wesley) later! Love ya!

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