Wednesday, February 09, 2005


As I stated in my previous entry, I have just started a new job at Blimpie's. In a version that is trimmed of details, I'll tell a tale of the devious tactic I used to gain it. Note well, because this is a good idea. (that was way too much of a build up for what I'm about to say). After I turned in my application, Mr. Richard (the store owner/manager) got in touch with my friend's dad, who happens to be his relative in-law. My friend's dad did not produce such a good report. Being a man that no one ever knows when to take seriously, he said that I was a cut-up and that I wouldn't wear shoes. I was ill because I had listed him as a reference for the very purpose of getting a good report. Now, instead of being a neutral stranger like any other applicant, I was a cut-up with a bad rep. mmmm... not good. I looked at my plight and my options, and I decided to make Mr. Richard formulate his own assessments of my character. I began to eat lunch at Blimpie's every single day. I always tucked in my shirt, wore boots, and was very friendly. My friend thinks it is because Mr. Richard felt sorry for me, or that he didn't want to make things awkward, either way, he called back for a second opinion. This time the Mrs. answered the phone. She served me many a meal and was very hospitable throughout my high school years. It was likely her kind words that landed me with the job.

Monday was my first day. We weren't too busy and I used the afternoon to acquaint myself with the register and various going ons around the shop. Wednesday was something else. I worked through lunch hour and was almost swamped. I'm still slow at sandwich making, so I worked the register and did miscellaneous work. Mr. Richard gave me a button up brown shirt until he can get in another yellow tee. I think customers think I'm a manager or something, I look very professional. Near the end of my shift, two old people approached the store, one was an old lady with a walker. I got the door for the lady and did my job welcoming them and being friendly. We helped them decide on a sub they might like and I helped her to her chair. (note: Mr. Richard was nationally recognized for his outstanding Blimpie service) When my shift ended, they were still around. I bought my lunch and ate beside them. There were no other customers and we talked back and forth. I got the door again when she left and she said something to me that made my day, "you stay as nice as you are and you'll go places". That was cool.

It was raining and when I pulled into our "driveway", I saw my neighbors having a mud fight. at first I though "oh gah..." but then I had a sort of jealousy down deep. I bet that was a whole lot of fun. it's been a while since I had fun with mud. Well, now past has become present. I am here in front of the computer, about to go lay in the tub or bed or something. I'm worn out.


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