Friday, February 18, 2005

My Weekend - feb 12-14

The exciting newness of this site is wearing off, and I find myself less inclined to write… but this site must prevail! And so I write - “my weekend”.

Saturday basically started when I got off work… there were no defining details up until that point. No more than five minutes after I got home, Mikulecky called me and asked me to join him at mill creek. He was going to be enjoying the weather, playing guitar, kite flying, and generally reflecting. I don’t care so much for kite flying, but I was inclined to acquiesce. When I arrived he was in his car playing guitar. We talked a while through the car window before we got out and played together. About this time, Mikulecky’s friend Mark called. Mark was in town visiting from Atlanta. We drove to Mikulecky’s trailer to meet Mark, I listened to a narrative from lake woebegone on NPR as I drove. Mark was instantly accepted by me, he recognized me for not having shoes and we began to talk. We decided to all go eat at Blimpie’s.
When we got to Blimpie’s, Mikulecky recognized Tommy (the assistant manager) from a class he had. They conversed a while about the differenced between Quizno’s and Blimpie’s. As we ate, we concocted an agenda for the night.

We were to go to an old abandoned building and look around. The idea must have been more exciting to Mark, as we told him that people burned alive there (not true however). I said that the first gold tooth that was found would be mine. Mikulecky had dibs on a toe. We arrived there with three different views. Mikulecky was the “voice of reason”, or maybe just the nervous one. He thought we were gonna get caught. Mark was almost indifferent, something unseen had been bothering him. I was gung ho all the way.

We walked into the concrete skeleton amidst the piles of rubble and brick and vines. There were two old cars parked inside, both had been beat in by local kids. Tiny squares of glass littered the area around them. We walked up to a thick pillar and inscribed our names in pencil. We had left our mark, if only for a short time. For some reason, the fella’s were just not feeling it. After looking around a little longer, we headed back to mark’s truck and headed home. I wish I could tell you how exciting it was, but it was anti-climactic to the tenth power.

Once back at the trailer, we received a lot of unexpected company. Brittney, A.D., Charity, Bandy, and Josh Henry all arrived. I began to play the guitar. When singing support chimed in, I began to play more and louder. I must have played fifty songs that night, from "twist and shout" to "when the roll is called up yonder". I was loving it, but I realized that I was stealing the show and I felt bad. Mark had come to visit, and I was not integrating him at all. Besides that, I was probably showing off. Most of the time I’m pretty mellow, but sometimes when I’m in large groups I change modes. Once on a group trip to Savannah, Josh said (jokingly) that he wouldn’t hang out with me anymore because I entertain all the girls. He doesn’t mind though, he says that sometimes I’m just an “entertainer”, and that's cool enough.

Sunday was a good day for me. I went home and walked the woods like I haven’t in some time. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated. I love the woods around our house, and they are very familiar to me. Also that day, I wrote a letter to my mama; one that I will refer to again later.

Monday I was feeling very nostalgic. I had just posted the picture link of the site, and I was thinking about old times with friends. I decided that I don’t hang with Tyler much anymore, so we decided to get together and “rekindle” what was lost. We went to Ryan’s, Tyler paid for the buffet and I mooched on dinner rolls and water. (Later in the week we went to Trivia Night at Loco's) After that I went to work at night for the first time. Night work is quick and easy, I basically just cleaned up and watched the Westminster Dog Show. When I was finally emancipated, around 8, I went home and changed clothes for the ballgame.

Warren McClendon, a buddy that graduated with me, was playing for the Citadel team against GSU and we all went to watch. Warren was exceptionally good in high school, being one of the key players that led the team to the state championship. The paper back home had continued tracking his preformance at Citadel, so that were a lot of familar faces there. I wondered how genuine a lot of the visitors were. I'm sure some people think Warren will be famous and just want to get in the pie. but what do I know?

After the game we all hung out at Travis Williams house, and did basically nothing. There are only two things of note from here out. First, McDonalds sucks horribly in every aspect of fast food-dom. I have long suspected this, but the service that we recieved Monday night at 10 and a half o'clock confirmed it. The second thing to note was the natural phenomenon known as fog. The fog was so thick and heavy Monday night that I had to attach a snowplow to my car just to push it out of the way. It was insane. The streets of statesboro appeared unlit because the light from the street lamps could not penetrate thefog. Visibility was about 30 feet.

and that's it for now.

I’ll post some better stuff later. Be sure to tune in because I should have a promisingly eventful weekend.


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