Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Clara Barton step aside

In recent history, I have always kept a first aid kit in my car. For many moons, the kit just helped to fill the glove box and provided a great store for potential energy. Tonight I finally woke the kit from it's slumber and applied it such a way as to ignite an entire blog entry.

I was conversing at my new friend Scottie's house when Chase (doing heaven knows what) sliced his thumb on an aluminum can and proceeded to bleed in a rapid and profuse fashion. After quickly assessing the situation, I ran to my car to retrieve whatever might be useful. Chase said he thought that I had "just up and deboed after seeing all the blood", and I imagine that is what it must have looked like. I returned with a roll of gauze and a band aid. From the side view of the thumb, a narrow groove could be detected; freshly flowing oxygenated blood marked the area where flesh used to be. We tightly bandaged up his thumb and very well may have saved his life (yeah...sure). Being very glad to have used that kit, somehow I was reminded of the local volunteer fire department back in Dexter. David Bryant, dubbed "Dexter Dave" by the masses, had an uncanny sense for disaster and always managed to be the first on the scene of any wreck, fire, or buffalo stampede. Had he been the exhibitor of a sly-looking pencil thin mustache, he might have been cause for suspicion. Dexter Dave and his volunteer comrades always had an untouchable pride in what they did, and they always found a way to make you aware of their membership in any and every conversation. I guess I felt a little like Dexter Dave last night.


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