Thursday, March 03, 2005

john wayne update - the close of the john wayne saga

John Wayne was in the landrum cafeteria yesterday. This was a surprise to me because i thought that he would have been gone. He decided to tell me the whole story that surrounded his past few days as we walked to the union. I will try to relate it as close to the way i heard it as i can.

Wednesday afternoon, John Wayne received a call from some sort of financial advisor who claimed that funds were depleting and she would have to cut him off. This sort of knowledge was detrimental to a person like john Wayne who has nowhere else. John Wayne could not fathom what life would be like outside of GSU, so he contrived a plan to "carry out what he had been thinking about for the last six years". Come Thursday morning, John Wayne had decided that the sun would rise on his dead body. John Wayne had been contemplating suicide.

Something inside me choked. I had never considered how multi-dimensional John Wayne could be. I never expected to hear something so serious come from him. John Wayne seemed so happy, goofy, and simple, yet he is as completely human as anyone else. No one can be sure what is behind another's eyes. I listened on.

John Wayne had apparently gotten too worked up, because he was admitted to the hospital for a panic attack Wednesday evening. Apparently some people got together and pulled some strings, it's all hazy from john Wayne’s mouth, but he will attend GSU until the end of the semester, so he will have time to cope. All this was heart wrenching, but the tone soon changed as we walked into the union.

We made out way past a BSU tri-board and we stopped to talk to some people. I asked Ben to take a picture of me and John Wayne because I wanted something to post with this article. John Wayne was pestering the ever-lovely Christine about having a pretty girl in the shot. she nervously declined. An older janitor lady who was apparently friends with john Wayne randomly confided that she "got some" last night, and she'll "get some" again tonight. This janitor, by the way, looked very similar to the cave troll in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In fact I think she might have been the troll stunt double. Well, John Wayne had a certain appreciation for this risqué knowledge. They laughed as he shared it out loud along with the fact that it's been 15 years since he's been so lucky. The whole group felt a little uneasy. I walked Christine to her car before heading over to Dr. D-bomb's office to get advised. Dr. D-bomb is Dr. Dittmer’s street name. He only responds to it when he is wearing a hoodie.


Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

I can't believe that you'd go around outting this "D-Bomb" like that - secret identities are made to be secret, you know? That's why we call them that. :)

9:35 PM  
Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Glad to hear that things are panning out better for JW - has he ever thought about what life will be like when he graduates though? I mean, he must have contemplated leaving sometime - it's nothing to take the dirt nap over...

9:36 PM  
Blogger wes said...

i have a hard time assessing JW. clearly he is not as sound in mind as the general student population. i don't know how he considers things. i do know that he had planned on becoming an economics teacher after graduation.

also, "the dirt nap" has become my favorite euphemism ever

as far as D-Bomb... i didn't realize the trouble i was creating. earlier tonight i was hasseled by a mysterious group of "geo-goons". now that i have broken the code, i wonder if the streets will ever be safe again.

2:18 AM  

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