Thursday, March 03, 2005

Most of Wednesday, 3.2.05: a brief summary

**There were typo's in this article, but I just fixed them. Typo's on my site bother me. Please make, me awaare of Thim when applikable.

Well, Wednesday night was rolling around again. Time for another night of trivia at Loco's. Yes it's true that we, the tough as woodpecker lips team, get waxed every time -every cotton-picking time, and dirty sanchez wins every time. It's seems as though there is no breaking of the cycle.

Last night began as a particularity bad night for us, half of our team was not present. Nich was playing computer games, Matt was out being Matt-ish, and Chesley had gone home. Me, my sister, Tyler, and our new friends Ileana and Christen stood alone in the cold face of trivia challenge. At first we failed miserably at holding down the fort. I was outside on the phone with my grandma for most of the first round. I don't think we got a single question right. Son of a nutcracker.

Somehow, by some phenomenon of this universe, everything changed in the second round. We got EVERY question right. I was ecstatic! To make things better (I suppose), Tyler won the cigarette smoking contest (he's gonna die). This influx of points did wonders for morale, but we were still in last place.

By the end of the 3rd round, we were making a fierce comeback, but our failed endeavors of the first round still had a devastating echo. We wagered all our points on the last question, which seemed promising, considering the topic was agriculture. When all bets were in and the question was on the table, we were dumbstruck. Who could know the top four states in cranberry production? ...Mr. Waldrep could know. Mr. Reed Waldrep was our high school ag teacher. Disregarding the fact that it was almost 12 on a school night, Tyler decided to call him up. Poor old groggy-headed Waldrep answered the phone and knew not the four states. He did help, however, by directing us to the new England states. We were still guessing when the first team threw in the right answer and won by a considerable margin. Oregon, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are the top four producers. Dirty Sanchez cheated of course, they called someone to get an answer, but so did we. Even if we had gotten it right we still would have lost in the wake of the massive amount of points that Sanchez was wielding. Well, at least we had fun.

After that, we took the girls home and hung out with them for a long while. I played guitar and we sort of sang. Christen turned out to be a great person to talk to. For reasons unbeknownst to me, there was no ice to break, we really hit it off. I told her all about my life, including how I received Lance Armstrong's lucky pencil after giving him a piggy back ride and fixing his bicycle tire with my gum during the Tour de France. I told her about the time that me and mother Theresa were dating and how she gave me her holy hair while we were helping naked Tanzanians. I also told her about how I was learning to speak stomach, so I could understand what they were growling about. Christen told me that her middle name was Lauren. I don't know if I believed her though, she doesn't quite look like a Lauren. When you first meet someone like that, you can't be sure what to believe.

enough for now, I need to take a nap.
peace out.


Anonymous an old coot said...

Here's something you can use in your trivia game that will baffle your opponents. It has to do with the word (or so-called word) "gullible." Everybody uses it, but it is not an English word. It is listed in no dictionary, but people continually use it. That particular bit of knowledge will certainly impress your Loco friends.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Sister said...

I just wanted to point out that while you were outside during the first round, we got 3 answers correct. Also, after the second round, we were in NEXT to last place, haha. And about the final question -- I told you Oregon has cranberries!! (Bro says, "The only thing Oregon has is the Oregon Trail!") Also, the word "gullible" is listed at both and, though I don't know if those count because they're not books.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Washington is number 5! Boo-yah!

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Sis said...

I just want it to be known that I am very "gullible" and I feel very stupid about that.

1:43 AM  

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