Monday, May 23, 2005

Geico, I salute you.

Geico has a great advertising committee, do they not? It is no secret that humor appeals to the American home viewing audience. That is why so many companies pour money into commercials that will spark a grin from the potential customer. More often than not, however, these commercials are flawed.

How often have you heard someone tell you about a funny commercial only to be followed up by those cutting words, "I don't remember what they were advertising". Yikes, that commercial proved to be useless to the company, despite it's entertainment factor. Geico has surpassed that. Geico has managed to put out a slew of great commercials and verbally mention the company name in each one. There is never confusion, and rarely a disappointment.

Aside: I like the crazy glue parody commercial.


Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

I have to admit, I hated those ads initially, but I have warmed up to them in the long run. I salute you as well, Geico.

9:48 PM  

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