Thursday, July 21, 2005

For the purpose of this paragraph, Nike will be known as a shoe manufacturer, even though they are well-known to produce an array of other sport wears (such as sweat bands for your wrist) that do equally as little to enhance athletic ability.

Have you been keeping up with Lebron James? Haven’t heard of Lebron James? Well climb out of your bomb cellar people, because he was such a good basketball player when he was in high school, that Nike handed him a $90 million contract to guarantee that Lebron was always somewhere near a “swoosh” --never mind whether or not he was already wearing one or not. The fact is, Nike spent this hefty check (which undoubtedly barely put a divot in their pocketbook) to enlist potential customers who are too dumb to realize that a person’s skill at basketball comes from what is above their ankles. Honestly, I don’t have a doubt that Charles Barkley could beat the Reeboks off me on any court while sporting cowboy boots if he wanted.

What’s most amazing is the fact that Nike kept tabs on Lebron when he was still in high school, but the truth is, they weren’t the only ones. There is a war waging all around us --a shoe war. When the multi-million dollar companies of Reebok, Adidas, and Nike compete to nail down younger and younger athletes, the athletes don’t always win. While Lebron had his life’s road paved out for him, Nike had Kevin Love cut from his team. Kevin Love is a 6’9”, 250lb up-coming high school junior. Until recently, Love was a starter for the Nike sponsored team called the Portland Elite Legends, a sort of traveling all-star team. Love, however, was not cut for his disorderly conduct or lack of skill on the court. On the contrary, it was what Love did to better himself that found him without a spot on the team. The summer between his sophomore and junior year, Kevin Love signed up for the ABCD basketball camp. The camp challenged Love in new ways by pitting him against talent from all over the country. When the camp ended, Love was named 3rd best player overall. It was on the same day, a few hours later, that Nike called to revoke his team membership because the ABCD camp had been funded by Reebok. How do you like that?



Anonymous Uncle Jon said...

The major shoe companies sponsor elite basketball camps & teams for the primary purpose of promoting their shoes. Everybody knows that up front.

Kevin Love was a member of Nike's traveling team. You'd think he would have considered the repercussions of snubbing Nike to attend a Reebok camp, the purpose of which, we all agree, is to promote Reebok shoes.

Nike's right! Why should they shell out their advertising dollars to promote somebody who could very well show up on Reebok commercial?

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Blogger wes said...

well spoken. All that you have said is true, but what I want to stress is that the kid is a kid! He may not even be old enough to drive, someone tell Nike to leave him alone.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what they're doing...leaving him alone.

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Blogger wes said...


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