Tuesday, July 19, 2005

International House of Sandwiches

A funny thing occurred at work yesterday: During a very busy lunch rush, our eyes met with horror an entire busload of customers heading in the store’s direction. Had Mr. Richard been present, a distant “ching” would have accompanied the dollar signs in his eyes, but he was still on his vacation, leaving the store in the able hands of Tommy, Zach and myself. As we began to glove ourselves and mentally prep for the impending fluster, we noticed that these were not ordinary customers. This was a tour group from various European countries. One by one, Belgians, Germans, Brits, and others all took their place in the bread line. Various languages dotted the atmosphere as Tommy struggled to take their order. The older people could speak very little English and had to rely on their children --how strange that must have felt. Eventually we had them all seated and settled. Altogether, they filled the entire restaurant. It seemed like such fun having them around. They apparently had a delightful time and promised to stop back by when they were in the neighborhood (which will be never). As they left, I gave them my best “guten tag”.

So why was a tour busload of Europeans in Statesboro? Well, of course Statesboro wasn’t on their tour. They were in route from Atlanta to Savannah when they realized that their stomachs needed a refill. The group is on an eleven day tour of the “Mississippi region”. Stops include Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, and the like. All very nice places, yet I had never considered the South as an international tourist region. How about that?


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