Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Take my advice: Don’t believe that crap that your parents taught you about not talking to strangers. That rule is defunct when you successfully reach the age of 8 (unless you’re a hot girl and it’s dark outside. Sorry, but beauty is a double edge sword.). It seems that I am meant to meet strangers. I often try to approach interesting faces, but just as often I am forced into the situation. You can only benefit from meeting people, because you learn from everyone whether you know it or not.

Just a half hour ago, I went walking around the trailer park to clear my head, and because I felt guilty for staying inside for so long. After work, I was so tired that I just rested until nightfall. Staying inside always gives me a bad feeling. Anyway, I just set out with no direction. I made a big circle, dabbed into the woods for a moment, found a creek, and then headed back homeward. As walked down the road, a boy appeared in my path. At first I dreaded the sight. It always seems that I’m being weird without me realizing it. Sometimes I would rather go unnoticed than to answer questions like “why you barefooted?” and “why you walking in the dark?”. As it turned out, John spoke first. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and learned a little about each other. John is from Cobb county, he spent 2 years in the Navy, and he is almost through with core at GSU. He had just walked outside from a party to clear his head when he saw me walk up.

John is majoring in something technical and boring sounding, that‘s why I don‘t remember the name of it. It seems though, that often the more technical and boring sounding, the higher the potential for money increases. I look at my major --Geography. I still wonder what that‘s supposed to mean. I can draw a map of Europe from memory with countries and capitals. You want to pay me for it? Where are the jobs? I suppose I could be a teacher. This is what I’m driving at: it seems that students either take two routes or compromise between them. Route one is something boring and uninventive with the promise of a paycheck. Route two is something interesting but limiting. It’s like someone who wants to write a song with a powerful message. More often than not, the person is going to compromise the message in order to make the song sound better. Only a truly good song says all that the writer intended, and only a truly successful person can settle on their major (at least within the early college years).

I know someone who is going to college to be an anesthesiologist ---not exactly someone's childhood dream. The motives are pretty overt there.

I know someone else who is a History major, at least he likes history.


Blogger wes said...

AMAZINGLY, John came into my work place the following day. What are the odds?

2:34 AM  
Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

There are lots of jobs in geography! See your advisor for re-indoctrination immediately.

10:05 PM  

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