Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Terrorists are dumb

I remember hearing an interview with an Afghan man concerning the first set of bombings in London. The man did not condone the terrorist's actions, but was amazed at the strength and intelligence of the group for their ability to infiltrate such a city as London. Balderdash! I am not in the LEAST bit impressed with the terrorists. Their actions were juvenile, sloppy and simple --any idiot teenager could leave a bag on a bus. They are neither original nor clever in any way, and what’s more, every action they take is working against them. The London attacks only strengthened the country’s resolve against terror. What disturbs me the most is the fact that these radicals carry Islam as their shield and banner. Such an association forever soils the religion on the eyes of non-Muslims.


Anonymous Uncle Jon said...

All groups, religious and secular, have their lunatics.
Most disturbing to me is what appears to be a tolerance for lunatics among Muslims. Their talk about a loving and caring religion rings hollow when some of their clerics openly and repeatedly advocate violence from positions within the Mosques!
Islamic groups urge us to realize that not all Muslims are terrorists, and anybody can see that is true. However, they fail to get their clerics in line with the Koran? It's like the white guy who condemns the Klan, but notes how religious they are and "understands where they're coming from."
No mainline Christian church would long tolerate such fanaticism being preached openly from a pulpit. When was the last time you heard of a pastor calling for a public stoning?
Christians pitched a fit about the movie, "The Last Temptation of Christ," but you never heard any preacher admonishing true Christians to kill Martin Scorsese.
Contrast that to what happened when Salman Rushdie published "Satanic Verses" in 1989. An official fatwah was called for his murder, and Rushdie's been in hiding ever since.
From a non-Muslim viewpoint, Islam's apparent toleration of violence is very disconcerting.

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