Saturday, August 20, 2005

A lesson from Great Grandpappy --in a roundabout way

On our campus, just outside the student union, there is a rotunda that often serves as an area for various campus affiliate groups to set up station and promote their organizations. I was walking by this very locale when I noticed that there was an empty table between Christian Campus Fellowship and the Rugby sign up booth. Knowing that I was facing an hour and a half of loitering before my next class, I hatched a plan.

My first course of action was to walk away from the rotunda and towards the campus post office. Just outside, the last day of the poster sale was still underway but dying. Picking up a fallen and discarded cardboard sign that read something to the effect of "buy a poster now!", I happily continued on my way. Moments later, inside the nearby post office, I borrowed a black Sharpie and some tape. After quickly surveying my finished product, I marched back to the rotunda with cardboard under my arm...

A student promenading himself to class would note the usual sights of the rotunda: On the left, CCF was handing out invitations and dum-dums, on the far right Student Government was handing out peppermints, in the middle was a Rugby sign up booth and a boy with his hands neatly folded ,sitting behind a desk labeled "Meet Wesley" and handing out both dum-dums and peppermints.

It was a fun little stunt, and by my standards, a successful one. The hour and a half went by quickly, I shook a lot of hands, and gave a lot of people a story to tell. This was just a silly story, but it leads me into a point: knowing people makes you successful.

It is not uncommon for people to be shy, I often am, but when the fear of people keeps you from conduction your life normally, you may have a problem. You should never be afraid to shake hands and make new friends. Granted, not everyone out there is a good guy, but you definitely learn something from everyone, because no matter how much you know, someone else knows something that you don't.

The next paper I write will be about my Great Grandpappy Hutcheson. This man had passed long before I ever saw the backside of a belly button, but I hear a great deal about him from my Ma Ma (grandmother). Living during the Hoover days was not pleasant for anyone, but Great Grandpappy happened to be successful and a socialite. Everyday when he walked the streets of Wrightsville, he would bring home new hungry mouths to dinner. When jobs were lean, he invited workers to live on the farm. These young men, often college graduates, worked for a dollar and two meals a day until either WWII or the TVA came to take them. According to Ma Ma, there were usually 20 people at the dinner table everyday. It is likely that men like he are responsible for the water tower slogan that reads “Friendliest town in Georgia” . Great Grandpappy extended his love for dinner table conversation to all willing ears and stomachs, from hungry roadside strangers to the likes of President Truman (of course the Truman meeting didn’t occur in Wrightsville). Perhaps it is his blood that encourages me to carry on a tradition when I make efforts to meet strangers, or perhaps (as some have accused) I am starved for attention. I dearly hope the latter isn’t true.


Anonymous Sis said...

You're not starved for attention... you're just a nut! :-)

You're also not shy by ANY means!

9:47 PM  
Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Seriously, I don't think 'shy' can apply to someone who got naked in the Neva River. Perhaps 'infected' would, but not 'shy'.

7:33 PM  
Blogger wes said...

I... uh... I don't know what you're talking about.

8:49 PM  

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